TWO Membership Options

Hello dear Beloveds,

Here are the subscription options for Membership of our The We ONEing Group on Sacred Ground. Membership is by invitation to those who have already been part of this group and to graduates of our ONEing 101 and other classes.

Membership includes:

•       Access to Virtual ONEing sessions, currently offered three times per week

•       Access to virtual community gatherings that offer practices to deepen and illuminate our ONEing practice

•       Free access to all ONEing 101 classes offered by the stewards

•       Opportunity to co-create our community from inside of this union

The three options are listed below. You are the one who identifies your monthly contribution amount. $99.99/mo. brings us closest to sustainability. Those who contribute more ($149.99) make it possible to include those who cannot. The minimum of $49.99/mo. contributes towards sustainability.

Membership options:

Your contribution will be charged to your credit card each month on the date you subscribe. Should you need to change your membership option at any time, up or down, please contact us and we will assist you.

In the spirit of providing as much flexibility as possible, a GoFundMe account donation option is also available. The inclusion of the Go Fund Me account is for those wishing to add their own amount at any time over and above whichever of the monthly options you have chosen. Go Fund Me does not offer monthly deductions; you will need to add this yourself as you choose.

It has been a beautiful time of incubation and movement these past few months. We are very excited to welcome you as part of this courageous and generous community as we take this next step.

Lots of love,

Patricia, Donna, Debbie, Toni and Lisa

If you have any questions, please contact us at: