You are in the unofficial Heart iQ Inner Circle Video Breakout Room 1

Instructions for Free 8×8 Meet Video Conferencing hosted by 8× :
– “S” switches to and from Full Screen
– “M” mutes and unmutes Microphone (or hold down space to unmute)
– For privacy, click on the little security shield towards the bottom right and “Enable lobby“. This is automatically reset after the last person leaves.
– Each “Breakout” is a completely separate room – if needed, make arrangement among yourselves on who goes where and when to come back.
– Share the link to this web page to invite others so that the Breakout links are also present (do not use the “Invite More People” button.)

This page should work without any download on Chrome, Firefox and the latest Microsoft Edge browsers.
This is an unofficial test page – any questions, problems or issues, contact Stephen Marcus –